Transitional Procedure

It is a requirement of the Disabled Person's Act 1986 for young people who are on the Register for Chidren and Young People with Disabilities or meet the criteria for registration to be offered an assessment of needs in their final year of education.There are local criteria for this assessment. The purpose of this assessment will be to identify what services/support a young person is going to need as he/she approaches 'adulthood'.

If you are thinking of moving away from home in the future, or if you sometimes need a break from your parents, or need some type of day care, you will need an assessment. If you are thinking of going away to a residential school or college then you will need an assessment.

AGE 14 (Academic Year 9)
School invites Transitional Worker and a Connexion Personal Adviser to School Review. The Connexions Personal Advisor is required to attend this review if you have a statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN).
This will be called a Transitional Review and the purpose of this review will be to start to discuss what you think you may want to do when you leave school. If you have not had a Social Worker before, this will also be when they start to get to know you and your family.
AGE 15 (Academic Year 10)
Review of Transition Plan. Discussion regarding Direct Payments and necessary funding. You may also have a Connexions interview with a Connexions Personal Adviser who will be able to provide information, advice and guidance on any future career, education and training ideas you may have, or discuss alternative provision if required.
In some cases, your Connexions PA may also attend your year 10 review.
AGE 16 (Academic Year 11)
Review of Transition Plan. Another review of the Plan to ensure it is still relevant. The school is required to invite your Connexions PA to your year 11 review and if you have a statement of SEN, the Connexions PA must attend this review.
If you intend to apply to go on to a residential school/college, college, training provider or to change schools, a number of assessments will need to be carried out, usually within your last year of compulsory full-time education.
One of these will be a Section 140 Assessment/Moving Forward Plan which is a written report of your educational and training needs and the provision required to meet them. This is carried out by a Connexions Personal Adviser and with your permission can be sent to the institution you wish to attend. It also forms part of the application for specialist college funding from the Learning and Skills Council. If you have complex support needs then you and your PA may agree it would be useful to complete your S140 assessment/Moving Forward Plan prior to year 11.
If, however, you are going to require additional support such as respite care, then you may need to have an assessment of your needs that is carried out by Community Services.
AGE 17 (Academic Year 12)
If you need to go on to a day activity, live away from home or need respite care. Then at 17 you will need to update your assessment of your needs. It will be at this stage that the Transitional Social Worker will introduce you to a Care Manager from adult services.
Interview with Connexions Personal Adviser to confirm your future plans and they may complete/review a S140 Assessment /Moving Forward Plan that with your permission will be sent to the next education or training provider you have applied to, to outline the support you need.
At around 18 years of age your case will be transfered to Adult Services.
AGE 18
Transfer to adult services unless still within Education, and funded by LEA, when you will remain at school until July of your 19th year.
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