What is the ICount Register?

The Children Act 1989 pays particular attention to disabled children and young people with special needs, and requires the Local Authority to set up a Register to identify needs and to work closely with health, education and voluntary organisations in planning services.

The Register, called the ‘ICount’ Register, is monitored by a Steering Group of representatives from Social Care and Education from both the Learning and Children’s Services Directorate of the Local Authority and Health Services, the voluntary sector and parents. The Register is a partnership with parents and young people because they are the source of the information held.

Why have a Register?

The Register ensures that appropriate services know about all disabled children and young people, and their carers, who may need additional help and support both now and in the future. By having a Register, it will be possible to know the numbers of children and young people, where they are living and the nature of their disabilities. Without a Register this information is difficult to obtain.

What is the ICount Card for?

The Local Authority will use the information from the Register to plan services to ensure that resources are used effectively.

As a parent/guardian of a child on the Register, you will have the opportunity to be involved in consultation exercises in the development of these services.

The child or young person will receive an ‘ICount’ Card which identifies them as having a disability. This card is acknowledged and supported by local and national organisations, companies and facilities, a list of which are sent with the card.

The Register will enable you to be informed about the services, which are designed to help and support the child or young person and their family at different stages of the child or young person’s life. They will receive information about new services, entitlements and benefits.

Do I have to Register?

No. There is no legal requirement to Register, but if a high percentage of children and young people are Registered the agencies will get a more accurate picture of what services are needed.

Can I take my name / my child’s name off the Register?

Yes, at any time.

How will the information be held and who has access to it?

The information will be held on computer. It will include details of all the agencies/professionals involved with the child or young person. The Register is confidential and access to it is restricted to responsible professionals. Personal information will only be given to professionals concerned with the child’s health and care. Statistical information – figures only – will be used for reviewing and planning services. It will not be possible to identify individuals from this information.

You will be sent a printout of all the information held at regular intervals which you will be able to amend.

This will ensure that the information held is up-to-date. Updated printouts will then act as a useful ready reference for you.

What are the eligibility criteria for a child’s registration?

To qualify for registration a ‘disability’ needs to be permanent and substantial. This will be determined by a Community Paediatrician and/or the Team Manager of the Children with Disabilities Team at Social Services. The criteria for including a child or young person’s name on the Register are different from the criteria for a statement of Special Educational Needs. Children Registered as disabled may not necessarily have a Statement of Special Educational Needs. Information about this is available from the Education Department.

Moderate Physical Disability
Severe Physical Disability
Moderate Learning Disability
Severe Learning Disability
Profoundly Multiply Disabled
Communication Disorder
Hearing Impairment
Visual Impairment
Serious Chronic Medical Condition
Serious Mental Health Condition

Which areas do you cover?

The London Borough of Sutton – children’s Registers only. The adult Registers for these boroughs were discontinued in April 2011 when the NHS ceased funding.

What if I live / my child lives outside of the areas you manage?

Please contact your local council, it’s possible that they have a similar service, we are aware of provision in some other areas of the country, e.g. Brighton and London
Borough of Merton.

How do I apply for my child to go on the ICount Register and receive a card?

You can download an interactive application form from this website, which you can complete on your computer and email back to us. Click on ‘How to Register’ and the form is at the bottom of the page. If you would rather we put an application pack in the post to you, simply telephone 0208 770 4835 or email icountregisters@sutton.gov.uk giving your child’s name, date of birth, postal address and your contact telephone number. If you would like a form emailed, please also leave your email address.

How do I renew my / my child’s ICount card?

Phone 0208 770 4835 or email icountregisters@sutton.gov.uk giving your / your child’s name and, if possible, your registration number and say you would like to renew your registration and card. We will send you a copy of your / your child’s profile to amend and return to us. Once we receive it back, we will update your / your child’s record and issue a new card. For children, the card will last 3 years, or up to the day before the young person’s 18th birthday.

How does the application process work?


Complete the application, providing as much detail as possible, then sign it and return it to

1st Floor
Civic Offices
St Nicholas Way
SM1 1EA.

You may want to include supporting documentation, such as reports from professionals who work with your child. If you send these, copies are fine, but please indicate if they are original documents which you would like returned to you.

Once we receive your application, we log it on our system, then forward it to the borough panel for review. This process can take 4-6 weeks. Once they let us know it has been approved, we will be able to Register your child and issue him or her with an ICount card.

Should you have any questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to call 0208 770 4835 or email icountregisters@sutton.gov.uk.

Can I speak to someone to discuss any other issues?

Yes, please call 0208 770 4835. If there is no-one available to answer your call, please leave and name and contact telephone number if you would like us to call you back.